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Whether you need to rent a system for a special event, or you need a completely new sound system in your new or existing building, our experienced staff is ready to assist you in getting the equipment, service and training you need.



The single most important consideration when installing a sound, light, or video system, is the design. Why then, is this factor so frequently overlooked by sound contractors and systems integrators when writing specifications for a new system? At Pro Sound and Lights, our system designers understand how each individual component works, and how each piece integrates into the finished project.  Every location is unique, and every system should be unique.  We design each system to meet the specific needs of each customer and each location from the ground up-no "Cookie Cutter" or "One Size Fits All" systems.  This way we can tailor your system to your specific venue and needs.  To start the design process, we come to your location so that we can see and hear what you are hoping to get out of your new system.  Once our proposed design is complete, we provide to you a detailed plan so that you can make an informed decision.

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An important yet often overlooked aspect of any A/V system design is the installation of the system. It is imperative that proper interconnect practices are carried out, and that all applicable electrical codes are observed.  Our highly skilled and experienced installers make the most out of every system design by optimizing your new equipment for your space.  A “clean” installation means that wiring has been concealed as much as possible, and that the finished system blends well with the decor of the building. Wall plates and connectors must be wired properly for the system to work correctly. Our installation team finishes each project with a meticulous check of all cables for proper termination and identification.  Our goal is to provide you with not just a list of equipment and prices, but a complete, working system that has been custom tailored to meet your needs.

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Our customers find the real value of doing business with us comes after the sale.  We deliver the highest level of service, to make sure that your system continues to run smoothly for years.  Components do wear out and occasionally, electronic equipment fails.  If this happens, call us and we will be there to make sure that you experience as little down time as possible.  We are available to fix most minor issues on-site.  We can even help you with problems from previous installations.  Let our expert technicians help you keep your system working to its fullest potential.

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What good would it be for us to Design, Install, and Service an A/V system, but not show our customers how to use it?  Our customers never walk away confused or unclear about how to get the most out of their new systems.  Today’s A/V systems are complex and each system user’s knowledge may vary. Training options that are flexible and scalable are essential. Our individualized training approach ensures that every customer can operate their system to its fullest potential.


Many churches and organizations use volunteers to operate much of their A/V equipment.  Even if we did not install your system, we can train your volunteers in proper sound reinforcement, stage lighting, video projection, and video capture techniques so that you can get the most out of your A/V system.

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Our rental department is here to help you!  Feel free to look over our Rental Inventory or just give us a call and we will help build you a rental system to meet your needs.  We not only offer world-class gear, but also world-class technicians who can set-up, tear-down, and/or engineer your show for you!  We will take care of all of the details so that you can keep your focus on your show or event.

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